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Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade is the definitive webcomic, period. Although it is filled with geek and nerd references, it has grown and stretched across all kinds of people groups to become the most successful webcomic on the Internet. From Mike Krahulik's well-respected artwork to Jerry Holkins' expert word usage and ability to orchestrate a comic, Penny Arcade is what all other webcomics strive to be like. Not to mention it's hi-larious.

Dinosaur Comics

Written by Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics is a special breed of webcomic where every day the illustrations are the same, and Ryan only changes the text. Although it sounds unbelievably repetive and boring, nearly every update is a gem. Not for the slow-witted, for Mr. North will explore topics from ancient religion to modern day philosophy. Also, don't miss the subtext in each comic! Some to see for yourself.

The Adventures of Doctor McNinja

A brilliantly funny adventure comic, the comic title really speaks for itself. The comic is run like a traditional comic book, with a twenty-to-thirty page story, updating one page at a time, in very well drawn black and white. The good doctor has so far battled Ronald McDonald, a giant lumberjack, pirates, and raptor-riding-mexicans, among other fiends.

Animals Have Problems Too

Showcasing a different animal every comic, "Animals Have Problems Too" is mostly written by fans who suggest either an animal or situation, where Zach Vandezande then mixes them up and puts them together, adding his own unique flair of art as well. The single panel punchlines are simple but great. Check some out.

The Perry Bible Fellowship

PBF is a little different from other comics, mostly because it's far more brilliant than most of the stuff on the web. Each weekly update hosts fantastic, mostly hand-drawn and colored artwork, where most comics end up with a single, wordless punchline. The real hilarity in Nicholas Gurewitch's comics is in the unspoken. Some favorites include....

Sam and Fuzzy

One of the most enjoyable comics on the web is almost one of the longest running. Sam Logan has been faithfully updating his black and white gold mine for years, often telling short stories mixed inbetween some individual comics. However, Sam doesn't let his stories steal the show; the comic is still funny all the time, whether it's from Fuzzy's diabolical schemes or Sam's awkwardness trying to keep Fuzzy in check. These are good examples of Sam and Fuzzy comics in general. 


Often considered Penny Arcade's nemesis, PVP is also considered a definitive webcomic, but it is different from PA in many ways. The comic is updated daily and in black and white, and is free of most obscenities that plague most webcomics, which make the comic itself very similar to classic newspaper "funnys". It takes place in the offices of PVP magazine, a gamer's periodical, where the employees are rarely seen working at all. The long running series should be noted by even the most shyest comic fan.

Homestar Runner

Influencing dozens of webcomics today, the Chapman Brothers started writing a children's book, but their creation evolved into a now internationally recognized, short animation king. The cartoons often have very basic premises, and the humor follows that of classic Warner Bros. or MGM cartoons before them. Although the weekly Strong Bad e-mails are regarded as the most popular part of the site, one shouldn't miss the other great cartoons found entrenched throughout the site.

VG Cats

VG Cats is, put simply, cats who play video games. However, the cats themselves are often set into video game parodies, rather than the gamer idea found in Penny Arcade. Scott Ramsoomair makes every comic look fantastic with his goofy cartoon characters with top-notch Photoshop-ing. Should I also mention that VG Cats enduces high amounts of hilarity

White Ninja Comics

I would personally call this "Homestar Runner rough draft". The very basic drawings are mashed together with very odd jokes and situations to form comic gold. For it's rather neanderthal presentation, White Ninja remains one of the most respected and popular web comics to hit the Intertron. Some good ones include.

Joe and Monkey

Joe is the stupid rocker, Monkey is the monkey. Would anyone like to give their own interpretation? Check these out.


Although Kazu Kibishi only updates his brilliant and massive comic once a month, each story is worth the wait. The enchanting art reminds many of Calvin and Hobbes, where each issue is an imaginative exploration. Where every episode takes place in a new exotic location, it's sometimes easy to miss the entertaining relationship between Copper and his faithful dog, Fred. Take a look at these.

A Softer World

ASW is a photo comic where little makes sense. The pictures and words barely match up, but the result of the mixture is a comic that makes you question why you're laughing at it far after you've read it. Good ones include.

Savage Chickens

Doug Savage's one-panel sticky notes remind many of Gary Larson's "The Far Side". That may be stretching it for loyal Larson-ists, but one can't deny the similarities in the humor and comedic style. The comic also updates every weekday, a big plus. Great cartoons include:

Married to the Sea

Married to the Sea is a collaboration of comic team Drew and Natalie Dee where the authors take old-timey drawings and add their own dialogue or extra wording. Many pictures may be combined to create fantastic situations, but some of the best humor comes from un-altered drawings. Updates daily for your pleasure. These are some gems.


A very simple daily comic, xkcd is pretty random. Jokes can range from tech talk to movies and video games. The most striking part is the extremely basic one panel pictures that consist of merely stick figures. Short poems are scattered throughout the archives too. A few good ones.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

SMBC is about the closest comic I've found to taking over the place of Gary Larson of "The Far Side". Each comic is a single panel with a cartoon-ish style and bright colors and a great joke. However, the real punchline often doesn't arrive until the reader sees the caption at the bottom, which can completely alter the "angle of punch", as scientists describe it. Also updates daily. These are pretty good.

Toothpaste for Dinner

Written by the same Drew as Married to the Sea (as mentioned above), TfD has some of the most simple drawings on the Internet, but what is lacking in the visual sense is made up for in the punchline. Updated daily, sometimes more than once a day. Comics here, here, and here.