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April 28th, 2006, 10:30 pm

Special Intermission!

This comic would actually look a lot cooler if I shelled out the 10 dollar donator code and bumped up my max file space from 20 kb to 1 mb. Just to let you know it can get better, but I don't really wanna do anything about it right now.

Anyway, the big news is (and I only say big because it regards todays Penny-Arcade) that Nintendo has decided to uproot all of their respect in the industry and hurl it to the ground like a touchdown ruled incomplete. No, that may be going to far, but naming a console "Wii" after getting such great publicity with a name like "Revolution" just seems backwards to me. Just like the PA comic, I'm rather flabergasted on how they came up with the name. The way they use it in their sense doesn't translate in every language like I'm sure they were shooting for. Personally, I'd rather them name it Gamecube 2 or something lamecore like that over "Wii". Even Sony figured they should stick with a lousy, simple sequel title than screw up their momentum with a rotton name.

New Toolbum in four days.


RelientAudio, April 30th, 2006, 12:45 pm

hmmm My opinion leans more towards that of Tim over at a marketing ploy it's bloody brilliant. Seriously...I'm rather tired of the literal names like the xBOX, gameCUBE, playSTATION, etc. It fits in the realm of Dreamcast, using more than just obvious descriptions in a console name. And think of the puns to be had!

Not to mention the ingenuity and cuteness will probably appeal to a wider audience, AKA those rabid Mac users....

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