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February 16th, 2006, 8:48 pm


WTF?!? Good lucking comics? How can it be?!? Yeah, over the break, I found a better way of saving my comics so they look nice on the web. Great, huh? Huh? Hello?

I'm treating you guys to an early comic today because 1) I missed Monday cuz of site errors, and 2) I probably won't be doing a Friday comic per se, since I'll be fixing all my comics to make them look sharper.

Today's comic also has two other features: good backround and good writing. Of course, you can't see the backround cuz of the words (backfired? karma? you decide!), but the writing is good cuz I wrote this comic just a little bit ago. When I was smart. Most of these (except for Catapult) were written a long time ago and really aren't that funny. Which is why I keep saying I'm excited about upcoming stips.

Of course, it's great to be back up altogether. Another big thanks to Dan and anyone else who worked with the new site coding.

How many of you caught the season finale to Arrested Development? A great two hours if you missed it, sorry to say (for you, not me). It ends like the series itself is ending, but they can totally bend it to fit a new season if they get resigned. And there's a hint at an AD movie: how stoked am I? I am THIS stoked.

You know what's a word that's almost like stoked? Strokes. As in The Strokes. Fantastic band, especially if you like the Franz Ferdinand/Arctic Monkeys sound.

Hey, Arctic Monkeys! Listen to them.

New Toolbum this spring. (btw, this can only lead to a new A Perfect Circle album, so rejoice deux)

Didn't I promise a long post a while ago? Consider that promise FULFILLED. You guys can't hold me to anything. (Greg, I'm not kissing you, I don't care if the Steelers won, sorry)


RelientAudio, February 17th, 2006, 6:55 am

you talk too much. but the concept of a new A Perfect Circle album excites me so much that I will forget your errors. but hey, it's like 7:56 AM and i have class in 4 minutes. so i, like, g2g or something.

peace and carrots

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